I ran into Kendra at Petsmart and was so impressed with her dog and how well trained she was that I approached her not knowing she was a dog trainer. I was extremely lucky that day!!! Kendra came over and met Bentley. Boy was he out of control; jumping on her, pulling her and pretty much not listening to anything. Her knowledge and training has made my life with Bentley very enjoyable!

She understood his body language, let me give you an example. Bentley was frightened to walk by or on the metal sewer covers. She spotted his actions, identified them and then taught him not to be frightened. Kendra worked with Bentley on walking past other dogs that were barking at him. Let me tell you that was a challenge but Kendra stayed with it until he was able to walk past the barking dogs without paying any attention to them.

Kendra is dedicated to helping people and their pets. My Bentley absolutely adores Kendra and his face lights up when he see’s her. I cannot say enough about Kendra because I am able to do many things with Bentley including walking him off leash. Kendra is a total life saver.

, Layton, Utah