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Meet Kendra Beckman

As a child, Kendra always had a love for animals and brought home everything from toads, cats, and stray dogs, to dead snakes. As Kendra grew older, her passion narrowed into an incredible love for dogs.

Growing up, Kendra's family had several dogs: a cock-a-poo, a Samoyed, an English sheepdog, and a wolf hybrid. In 1999 Kendra received a Rottweiler puppy for her birthday that she named Bailey. She soon consumed herself with Bailey and began trick training her. Trick training was a lot of fun; however, Kendra realized there was more to training than what she had been doing and decided to pursue a career that involved dogs. It wasn't long and she was volunteering 5 days a week for a local animal shelter where she started to put together the odds and ends that she knew of training. When she wasn't getting the results she wanted, she knew she had to take it a step further and contact the professionals and intern with them. After several attempts with local trainers she had hit a dead end.

Kendra had watched Cesar Millan on National Geographic's "The Dog Whisperer" and realized that she had a lot to learn. She contacted Linn Boyke, an apprentice of Cesar Millan, and started flying back and forth to Los Angeles to work with him. Realizing it would be better to relocate to obtain more training time, she moved to Los Angeles and worked side by side with Linn for nearly 2 years. Wanting to be closer to her family in Michigan, Kendra took a course at That's My Dog with Robin McFarlane, was offered a job in her Chicago location, and relocated there to work for about a year.

Kendra now resides in Utah with her 2 pit bulls, Zooke and Tayter, and her Rottweiler, Teagan. Her love for outdoor activities made this the perfect place to pursue her business.


Kendra Beckman, owner, professional trainer and behaviorist.

Doggie Mannerz is a privately owned professional dog training business in Salt Lake City run by Kendra Beckman. Kendra's passion for dogs was started as a child when she wanted to save every stray. Kendra has since then developed her abilities through in-depth studies of canine behavior and hands on training. Kendra has several years of experience training dogs for behavioral modification, as well as teaching obedience to make them more enjoyable companions.

Understanding the environmental situations, instinctual needs of the dog, and their body language helps Kendra to bridge the communication gap between the owner and their dogs providing a more enjoyable companion.